A teaser.

I won't elaborate on this short video much as it's pretty self-explanatory. I will say that the footage from this night is stuff I shot with a Sony Hi-8 camcorder thinking I had two guys with fancy cameras on tripods in the back of the room shooting wide shots of the whole performance. My job was to get the close-up stuff I planned to eventually edit into the overall footage. That was 20 years ago.

The additional footage is missing, as unpublished footage often is. Ask any studio. The footage I shot, moving between tables and patrons and fussing with camera settings while letting the camera run has its moments and it has its filmic horrors. But the audio from the on-camera microphone of that Sony is good enough that I present it for your listening pleasure. Hide your eyes if you like, and know that I do have more footage from that night on that stage of those players. I have every intention of putting some of it up here, warts and all. For now, here's the guy whose perfect wave of raw talent and humble demeanor dragged me under the veneer of the performance and introduced me to the men and women who were creating this magic. Ladies and Gentlemen, Rock Killough.

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