All who wander wonder

as of 1/17/23

This blog is a perfect example. If I knew where I was headed with it I'd have started a blog years ago. I tried. More than once. I know I like writing, I like photography, I like music, I like storytelling, I like the raw element of a singer/songwriter performance; these desires finally all balled up enough to push this vehicle out of the dark garage and into the fresh air. How far we make it down the road is part of the reason for the trip.

I can go into some detail about the trials of starting a website without really knowing anything about website design, but I suspect most of my viewers so far are interested in music and the Frank Brown Songwriters' Festival, and not in how the web snagged and bagged me. I suspect, but I don't know, because after I started blogging I found out that I couldn't get comments set up without knowing how to code a little bit. So I'm trying a different idea now, one that lets me stop wondering what my viewers think and start finding out.

So if you notice any change (besides comments) that's why. Now. Wander time.

Behold the Ferris wheel! It goes nowhere, but the journey is a pleasure in itself.